Geri singing Happy Birthday to Prince Charles


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98/100 facts about Prince Charles & Princess Diana

Celebrity Friends

Diana counted Gianni Versace, George Michael, Bryan Adams and Elton John among her close friends.Gianni is one of Diana’s favorite fashion designers.Gianni is creator of Diana’s electric blue dress who she wore at 1995 film premiere.Elton John is the legend of musician and occasional actor.In Diana’s funeral he performed a rewritten version of the song,Candle in The Wind or “Goodbye England’s Rose” as a tribute to Diana.

Charles’ close friends are Spice Girl (especially Geri),Rowan Atkinson,and Stephen Fry.On Charles’ 50th birthday,Geri does a Marilyn Monroe to the Prince.She also planted kiss and pinched Charles’ ass.Stephen Fry is his favorite comedian.Charles ever agree to serve Stephen as a waiter just one night.LOL

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Footage from the exhibition titled, Royal Childhood, which looks at the childhood of various members of the British Royal Family at Buckingham Palace. Here we see some footage from the childhood of Queen Elizabeth. The exhibit is from July 26, 2014 to September 28, 2014.

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Harry’s tribute to Diana Pt. 3

Harry remembering his mother - Spam (by request) 20/X

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But of course.

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Young Prince Charles Spam 17/48

dat shaggy
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Prince Charles on the public’s perception of his role in the mid 1980s

#Because now we see that they want the exact opposite with William
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Young Prince Charles Spam 16/48

How charming he was
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