it was designed by a ten year old Dutch girl name Luna, who is suffering from leukemia. The Make-A-Wish foundation linked Luna with Natan designer Edouard Vermeulen, who created her design. With this knowledge, this whole outfit suddenly becomes so much more special, doesn’t it?


Princess Diana with Prince Charles and Queen Sofia on the Fortuna circa 1990s
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The story behind Queen Maxima’s dress:
Luna has Leukemia. Luna’s dearest wish is currently fulfilled by Make a Wish. Luna and Nika helped Edouard Vermeulen (Natan) with the design of Queen Maxima’s dress i
n Brussels. They also were allowed to make a brooch and a ring for Maxima.

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(L-R) Earl Spencer, Prince William, Prince Harry and Prince Charles watch as the coffin containing the body of Princess Diana is driven away from Westminster Abbey in a hearse for her burial on September 6, 1997. (Ian Waldie/Reuters)

Prince Charles and Prince Harry follow the gun carriage with the coffin of Diana, Princess of Wales, September 6, 1997. Hundreds of thousands of mourners lined the streets of Central London to watch the funeral procession. (Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters)

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Anonymous Asked:
Moment like yesterday and the past couple of days where I really wished Princess Diana were still alive more than the Royal wedding. The Wedding was a joyful day but it wasn't impossible, parts of me hope she doesn't know or see any of her sons achievements because I just can't bare her looking down and not be able to be there.

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aww Anon! 

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17 years ago today, an angel was sent home

I will never forget watching her funeral on TV, being so confused about why this was such a big deal. When my mom explained to me that Diana was a real life princess that everyone loved, my heart broke immediately. It was almost like, at the young age of 7 years, I understood that the world lost one of it’s most wonderful people, and that her void would never be filled.
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A friend at school today said that nobody likes Prince Charles. Please reblog if you disagree. I want to prove her wrong. :)

give her applause because  she is the remaining primitive person on this world.


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Harry’s 30th Birthday Spam
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