#Pic Prince Harry, 7 and Prince William, 9 spent three hours at Science North the day after their parents’ offical visit, playing alongside the unsuspecting public. By all accounts, the boys were delighted with their private holiday visit.
"In the magazine, a royal insider said that George has started saying ‘Mama’ and Dadda’ aww!"

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I see many similiar things between these couple :

King Edward VII - Queen Alexandra and Prince Charles - Princess Diana.

""The princesses will not leave without me. I will not leave without the King, and the King would never leave his people." - Queen Mother against Hitler"


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Prince George + First Impressions

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with her brother David 
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Prince William + kids

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I believe memories with Diana always in his mind forever.

~ Charles returned to the public since the funeral of Princess Diana.He talk about his sons courage after the death of their mummy and so grateful of public attention.


"When I have my public duties, I understand that when I get out the car I’m being photographed, but actually it’s now when I go out of my door, my front door, I’m being photographed. I never know where a lens is going to be. A normal day would be followed by four cars; a normal day would come back to my car and find six freelance photographers jumping around me. Some people would say, Well, if you had a policeman it would make it easier. It doesn’t at all. They’ve decided that I’m still a product, after 15, 16 years, that sells well, and they all shout at me, telling me that: `Oh, come on, Di, look up. If you give us a picture I can get my children to a better school.’ And, you know, you can laugh it off. But you get that the whole time. It’s quite difficult."

Rest in peace, Princess Diana - seventeen years ago today.

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